Thursday, June 30, 2011

Duo Nyata: me and my partner-in-crime muahahahah...

It's my first artworx about us:

It's about us with someone from a fast food restaurant (we loved to see him back then):

We wanted to order shoes like these:

..and these:

And we had a great moment at Prambanan temples. We call it as The Temple of Love:

I put an edited Prambanan photograph behind :)

Artworx yang terakhir ceritain tentang kami yang lagi kangen sama dua orang turis di Prambanan (kita ga sekarab yang di gambar sih..). Aku deket sama turis berbaju oranye dan partnerku deket sama yang baju abu-abu (aslinya putih). Kami masih mikirin di mana mereka sekarang../ The last artworx was telling about us missing a couple of cool tourists at Prambanan (we're not that close.. you know, like what you catch from the pic..). I like the man in the orange shirt and my partner like the grey one (in the real story it was white). We're still wondering where they are now..