Sunday, May 13, 2012

I Miss My Free Hours, Now and Then

This is one of my busiest year. I have to prepare myself for the apprentice program that is held by the campus. I have to search the right place (I have to do some interviews with the staffs to know whether I can train there or not), then I have to report to the lecturer, then the campus will do the letters so I can be trained there.

The problem is I do not find the right place yet..

And another problem is I have to prepare myself for another program. It is a program where we stay in people homes in some villages and help them to make a development program in their villages. Sounds difficult to me.

Maybe I will not update the blog when I get myself there. But I make sure myself that I can have a very much spare time to do the artworx-es after.

p.s.: I am creating some pictures right now so when the time comes I can edit and upload them to the blog ;)