Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It was meant to be a zombie bride..

If you play a game on Facebook called Pet Society, you maybe know that there was some zombie-themed costumes. I didn't buy those costumes for my pet yet, but the truth is I really got inspired by. They're so cute and gothic at the same time!! So I drew this artworx (the bride version only) (and less cutie) as a reflection of me adoring the zombie-themed costumes in the game I mentioned.

Before I show you the results of the next steps, I mean to told you: DRAMATIZATION IS HARD!! At least it happened while finishing this artworx.

Before I reach the last step, I actually had saved the result of the coloring process between the second and the third pictures. It was only the bride without the background, with her dirty dress, so we can see the color clearer than the last picture. But then I deleted it.. repeat, DELETED IT.. by accident. D,:

Well, having the very last result saved is better.