Saturday, June 30, 2012

Red Girl

Actually the things I wanted to show here were the shoes. (It looks like I failed to make the shoes as the attention-grabber in this picture.. =.=) I fell in love with a pair of red ankle gladiator shoes at the time. I let them stay in the shop till they're gone because a) they didn't fit in my feet; b) I don't have any idea where or when should I use those shoes to (I don't have many destinations to visit since I mostly spend my time at home).

I couldn't draw it similarly, though, but this picture is enough for me to remember the shoes.

They were sold in three colors: black, beige, and red. The red shoes were the stars for me, with seven or eight straps and golden buckles on each of the straps for one shoe, and heel about 12 cm high.

Red coat was the only thing I thought in deciding the costume. And the golden-brown shades came up next.