Friday, November 17, 2017

"But your eyes tell me you won't be there."

Avicii is back! After all those wishes and longing from us, he comes back with new music that suits us very well. Without You sounds like a sad person who is not sad anymore and decides to go on without the burden he used to cling to. Pretty sure he created the song truly with all his heart.

I personally like songs that persuade us to move on, especially with fast rhythm and energetic beats. Without You by Avicii is a good example of them.

"Ladies and gentlemen, here's the exhibit."

I had a moment where I was so in love with Machine Gun Kelly. He has this winning aura. I can see that he is a head-on sanguine man, I think it makes him attractive.

I like MGK's voice in his song At My Best is than in his previous single, Bad Things. His expression is more visible and real in At My Best. It also has a nice music video.

At the first time listening to it, I thought he was Xzibit when I was at the quoted lyric. 😅

"I made my move and it was all about you."

Calvin Harris's My Way has quite of summer dose. This song, along with Martin Garrix and Bebe Rexha's song released in 2016 and are my favorite until now. It's simple yet attractive, obviously on the post-chorus part. But instead that part, I put a pinch of its verse as caption of this piece. Does it remind you of some people who was embarrassed by themselves after saying something serious?

There's a bunch of them in mangas. >w<

"I won't trade this for nothing."

Do you like ice cream? I do. It doesn't mean I have to pile them up in my freezer, though. It's still good to taste ice cream from grocery stores or in a fancy ice cream shop. The cold and creamy sensation are what I seek. Ice cream sensation is different from shaved ice sensation.

Like Snakehips's song Don't Leave which features Mo's unique voice, specifically on the lyric I put as this title, it is hard to let ice cream go. Ice cream are made to be tasted in short time. Of course I won't trade it for nothing.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

"Magnifying all our flaws."

Ah, this song. I bet everyone knows Martin Garrix and Dua Lipa's song Scared to Be Lonely. The strings, the melody, the powerful voice of Dua Lipa which was unexpected to me, have combined and be the dramatic song of the year.

At some parts I am reminded to Garrix's previous work with Bebe Rexha which was also great and I quoted as caption of my previous doodle. I believe Garrix likes to make powerful upbeat songs, so even though he makes something milder, I can still feel the energy. That's my kind of music.

"Bask in the glory."

Many of people I know dream about reading books in a peaceful park. I agree with them. Park is rare here. I am a bit jealous to see other cities' public park. For example, Bandung. People commonly gather and spend their quality time and, as far as I see, keep clean. We absolutely need more parks here.

As a person who likes to take morning speedwalk twice or thrice a week, I will have an alternative route at that park if they build one. Or maybe I would go there only to read a book, or sketch, or paint, or just eat a bun. A little glory to glorify your day. As Julia Michaels sang in her song Issues.

I know the whole song is not correlated with this piece.

"I can't quit you."

Cashmere Cat's Quit has a captivating melody. I never be a fan of Ariana Grande, but I can say that her voice fits this song perfectly. Is it a kind of voice Cashmere Cat likes? And its lyrics video makes me want to do a short trip by train alone. Which doesn't happen yet. Instead, what happened was this doodle, which I don't know why it turned out to be Christmas-themed like this. I just tried to combine green and orange....

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

"We breathe in the air of this small town."

Who doesn't know The Chainsmokers? They came like a missile, you know. Their song Paris is usually not my cup of tea. Nevertheless, the song is quite enjoyable and is a sweet escape to take a break from those fast-paced, energy-draining songs. I think they really put their heart while making it because the song tells us about escaping.

The interesting point is, at the starting of its lyrics video, they explain the meaning of Paris they refer to. It means something dreamy and imaginative. Well, imagination is our shortest way to escape, I say.

"You said that I'm paranoid."

One of most fenomenal songs in 2017 is Heavy by Linkin Park. I know Linkin Park since I was much, much younger. There was a time where people really like rock band like them. I personally like the combination of high-pitched voice, rap, and their dark lyrics. Some of my favorite songs are Numb, Crawling, Breaking the Habit, and I also like Leave Out All the Rest.

As other songs I took the lyrics from, Heavy inspires me to draw something. It feels good to be inspired, right?

"Funny my name keeps comin' out your mouth."

Katy Perry's "Swish, Swish" is ear-catching. Plus Nicki Minaj's rap ability, this song has its own dark power. Even so, I draw this guy to distract some point of view in reading the lyrics I put as the caption.

He looks like listening to a love song.

What if, "Funny my name keeps comin' out your mouth," because you are liking me?

"Replace the poison that you left onto my mind."

Do you know what song I quote here? It's from Afrojack and David Guetta's song "Another Life". I heard it first on my favorite radio as what they call Bubbling Up Song, and I fell in love at the first listening.

Then I headed to Youtube to watch its music video. The animation is ssssssick! It's beautiful, and for those learning how to draw human anatomy, watch!

I like it when a good song meets good video.

"I'll take with me the Polaroid and the memories."

How can a brand of camera be an icon of melancholy romance in 2017? Yeah, that's what happened. If I ever had a Polaroid, maybe I would take pictures of wild grass and flowers, and pin them on a string or stick them in a scrapbook.

I'm not that romantic, though...

Anyway, this line I put at the caption is taken from Kygo's song "It Ain't Me" which features Selena Gomez. The sound of the accoustic guitar is mesmerizing. I also like the part of distorted lyrics. Kygo packs a song of separating couple in a polite way, as if separation is beautiful.

"You know I'm back like I never left."

I like Macklemore's song "Glorious". It has that beat and that atmosphere. Also it has a powerful music video. Skylar Grey's voice fits well, too.

As glory as the song, I draw a royal family member walking into a hall. Even though the hall is empty, he makes sure that whoever sees him outside will be obviously shocked. I'm pretty sure many people has this kind of moment once or twice in their lives.

Treasure it.