Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Kau jadi jatuh cinta, cinta padaku itu hal wajar!

The title is quoted from JKT48's song Flying Get. Yes, I am a fanatic of them. Since 2013 to be more precise. However, my knowledge about them or 48 Family is veeeeery low that I paused following their development for a few years because of feeling disable to be a 'proper' fan.

I started liking JKT48 when they launched River and started doubting myself around Pareo adalah Emerald or Angin Sedang Berhembus. Wait.... even in Angin Sedang Berhembus era I did not know anything.

It was hard to decide who was my favorite member or oshimen. At first it was a girl with boyish cut, but it was a weak liking. I tried to see the 'faces of JKT48' but there was no special feeling to them except mere respect. Until I found a very tender note on Google Plus written by a member named Beby around 2015. I think it was around Pareo adalah Emerald and I was going to pause. In my pausing time, I still liked to read her notes.

On late 2016, I found my old friend Google Plus and found out that she liked JKT48. It made me restarting to like them again. On April 2017 I went to their concert in my city and met Beby and took a picture together! (It's called 2-Shot and you have to pay a 2-Shot ticket for every picture taken).

This time I tried to make a painting of her based on her self picture on an event in Jakarta. I never did a realist art before (except in my course years ago), so it was very challenging. But I'm not sad with the result, and I know I have to learn more.


It's been a long time since someone asked me to draw them something. This time my university friend, Okta, did it. She asked me to draw a sweet couple being together. As you can see, I drew it directly to a piece of used paper instead of coloring it digitally. The pens I used here are the same pens that I used to draw on the tiny note, Zebra Penciltic.

Thursday, December 14, 2017


Not my best attempt though, I hope you can see them stargazing. This is something I created on last September. I had an old set of watercolor paint which I used previously in Last Minutes of Sunday. Early on September, Bebe Rexha's song The Way I Are was always on the radio whenever I tuned in. One night before I went to sleep, the radio played the song again and I thought when laid on my bed in my dark room, "It would be nice to camp with this song on." It was the starting point of the idea.

End of Tiny Note

And that's all thirty pictures in August 2017, along with my favorite songs.

"Ciao adios, I'm done."

Ciao Adios is Anne-Marie's song that is underrated. Those radio stations should play it more since this is a very danceable (is that even a word?) song. And Anne-Marie's voice? Which part of it that made them stopped playing it?

It was hard to me to choose a song to end this tiny-note-drawing, until I remembered this song. To be honest, if I was not living in easy-accessable internet era I will not remember this song at all. That's because the radios stopped playing this song. So, with this song I end the last page with this drawing, and... Ciao Adios, I'm done.

Monday, December 4, 2017

"Half of my heart is in Havana."

As you can see, Havana is Camila Cabello's other song that I featured in this tiny note. I remember listening both Havana and OMG in one music chart that airing throughout Asia radios (bet you know its name).

Havana has its kind of aesthetic. The song mainly tells about a bitter love story (yea I guess it's bitter) but it also hints a positive tourism advertising. Talk about creative economy motion. And by the end of this year we also hear a song titled Panama.

I wonder what will be the next tourism anthem...

"And you are unforgettable."

French Montana's song Unforgettable is a nice music to dance to. And as the title, the song itself is unforgettable. It has this kind of beat and "far" voice that calls us to dance. Moreover, the music video is full with dancing people.

One day on 3 a.m I wanted to listen to this song immediately. When I turned on my favorite radio, they played it! No announcer at that time so the moment I heard the song right at the intro was an extreme destiny to me.

No matter what mood you are in, just listen to it. You will dance.