Tuesday, January 30, 2018


I made this in September 2017, and it was something that I really want to sell as my first painting. But, you know, I kept second-guessing myself until I lose my confidence to sell it. There must be a flock of better and real artists out there, right? Moreover, this painting is so small that I think people would feel better to display their self pictures instead of this.

And there are a lot more reasons not to sell it as a painting....


we've been sitting together,
yet we didn't chat together.

until he moved.
and never be seen anymore.


Now that I have two jobs, weekend and other spare times felt much more precious to me than when I was in school and university. It would be greater when I have ideas for my artwork. This piece is exactly depicting what is going on in my mind on weekends under this formula:

Spare time+ Ideas

This piece is colored with Zebra Rocketeer, which are highlighters. The outline is done with Zebra Penciltic (old habit hahah).

Diriku mungkin, mungkin, mungkin... Setidaknya tengok dan lihat ke sini.

This is the second time I draw and paint Beby JKT48. The reference was her photograph in her Instagram page. I realized that she likes conventional style. Sometimes she likes to wear sporty style as well, and both of them suit her well.

Beby always looks mature whether from her looks or her way of speaking. As for her way of speaking, I knew this when we were taking our picture together. Even though she is seven years younger than me, it feels like I'm her little sister.

Thursday, January 25, 2018


Something I made in September 2017, when I didn't know that my polish remover could solve my solidified paint.