Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mini Sewing Machine and The Goodie Bag

This old sewing machine have not been used in a very long time. No one in the house can use it (then why did we buy it?). This morning, I just got the way how to use it without read the manual (the manual was, um, somewhere else :p). And with some helps from my friends, we made a goodie bag!

Ah, I should have captured the moment we made this bag. Well everybody was so busy. It is for our group project in a class, actually, so we had to do the paper, the sewing, etc.
The fabric we used was kain furing. Furing commonly known as the fabric used under a skirt, but this furing is different and as far as I know it is not common to be used as clothes. The fabric is really cheap, by the way (IDR 4500 per meter).

As you can see, the thread is not good. We were oftenly off track while sewing the bag. To be honest, there is no one between me and my friends who can sew.. -___-