Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I had joined a music band of mine with my classmates where I was positioned as a bass player. We are not play regularly since we were not so serious about growing this music band. However, playing music and being watched by the other friends is such a precious moment to have. That is where I got the inspiration of this artworx from. (The girl in the picture is not me; I am way far from skinny size :p) (and I can not play guitar).

Monday, October 22, 2012

Hair Colorant: Result

My haircut is asymmetric. It is shorter on the right side and longer on the left side. On this picture I meant to expose the difference between my colored hair and the uncolored one.

The longer hair was supposed to be purplish. But if we take a look really closely, we can see the longer hair is slightly lighter than the other side with its brown hue. Since I did not bleach my hair, I can accept it (and I have to find a brighter purple color for my hair).

p.s: I wrote anything about my hair colorant not as an advertisement.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hair Colorant

For the first time in my life, I change my hair color with a permanent hair-colorant. The first-and-last moment I used hair colorant was when I was in grade ten, and it was semi-permanent sprayer colorant (it disappears after I wash my hair).

My hair color is black/ dark brown, the kind of hair color that often exists in Asia. Before I got a chance to change its color, I loved to imagine my hair in unusual colors, like purple or magenta. That's why I chose purple colorant when I was in grade ten, and another purplish colorant for my latest hair color.

It is a brand of hair colorant in Indonesia. My semi-permanent colorant was from this brand, too.

In the package.

Purple Red.
  • Natural Black
  • Blue Black
  • Copper Hazel
  • Purple Red
  • Dark Ash
  • Dark Blue
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Passion Red
  • Dark Mahogany Brown
  • Irise Red
  • Coffee Purple
  • Bright Brown Red
  • Golden
  • Copper Golden Blonde
  • Violet Mahogany
  • Wild Berry
  • Maple Poliage Red

FYI, I didn't bleach my hair. It is something I avoid after I receive some advice from here and there, though I know that bleaching will make the color more attractive and I know that there is possibility for me to have a change of heart. As a result, I got the color almost unseen.. 

I re-colored my hair today. Maybe I'll post the result picture later, maybe not. Hahah!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sneak Peek! ;)

I did it again in a class this morning. I put on my focus half for the class matter and the rest for my own desk. Had an imagination of having my own runway with the certain theme for Summer/Spring 2013. It's kinda funny since I drew them all at the same moment directly by a gel pen, not by a pencil as usual, and I had to avoid any big mistake in the progress.

By the way, the theme for this 'runway' is floral fairy. If anly I could write down my fashion line on each page.. The problem is, I don't have any. I once created a name for my fashion line, but it was so childish I can't stand it -_- . Let me keep it myself.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


I wanted to buy a tiara for a long time but just did it yesterday in an accessories store. I was superhappy!! A tiara, even the fake one, is my dream thing since I was a little girl. I am not that princess-y in my daily life, in fact, I am living my life in my way which is not integrated with all those princess rules. But to have a tiara.. is truly a dream-comes-true.
See the blitz light on my glass? I removed it as clean as I can. My eye became a little bit unnatural (see below).

My right eye: fake eyelid, fake lashes, fake light (click to look closer).

So dreamy!!!

Friday, October 5, 2012


I'm having hard days lately in my campus life. After I finished the "village project" I mentioned on some posts ago, now I have to focus on apprentice program and on making the last paper as a condition to graduate from this university. I have no topic for it yet, but I really want to graduate next year. I really want to!!!

Meanwhile, my apprentice program is still on the very early step. It will start after the company calls me in the next few days. (I hope they will accept me!)

And for the artworx, I have made some of them. Still sketches though -_- I will find a time to color them.