Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Lazy Days

Perhaps some of you realize that I had rarely drawn characters in tiny clothes or those that show some skin. It's actually my drawing's main characteristic. But I think I need to take a chance or two to draw those kind of clothes. Just to try it out.

All my life I had never had tiny clothes except my kindergarten uniform and some childhood swimwear. I was growing fatter and fatter so those kind of clothes aren't made for me. Okay, I obviously can knock any tailor's door and ask them to make some sexy dresses or hot pants but those clothes would never be worn frequently because of their lack of comfort. It's not nice to leave my chair with sweat from my thighs or to ride my motorbike with flowing skirt or wrinkly hot pants... people would think that I go out without any pants by this view. Even if I'm too thin now, perhaps those clothes would be worn only inside my house or wherever I stay or live.

So, Lazy Days is inspired from this point of view. I designed this mini outfit (sometimes I want to call them pajamas) only for lazing around the house. They are two-piece outfit, every one of them consists of a loose tank top with wide U neck and a loose hipster micro pants. Cotton is best for them. Of course I won't show this soon to a tailor for I am still in a size where comfort is high-prioritized. But who knows I'd have some in the future?

Monday, June 29, 2015

An Apology Cake for Your Birthday

I'm starting to write this around midnight, six minutes before the date changes. Before I drew this piece I often asked myself, "Is this necessary? Is this what I wanted to do?" As you can see, I drew it and even posted it to this blog.

Asking for forgiveness with a birthday cake is never happened so far in my life, so I don't know what it is like to have one (a cake with an apology, I mean). Oh, before you think that this is my birthday and or I have a problem with somebody, I'll make it clear: this is not about my birthday and I'm not having any quarrel with anybody. It's just... I'm feeling guilty. This ugly feeling has piled up since March. The opposite party does not give any bad sign up until now but still I feel guilty and still can't forgive myself. Upon this artwork there's a part of it which actually asking myself for forgiveness to me even though I don't think I can let this feeling go soon.

Happy birthday and I'm sorry.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Little House

This piece is related to this. It has the same trigger which is my friend's selfie in front of a cafe. It also moves me to make a mock up of a house with a different design from this one, but I have not post it here yet because I'm a bit embarrassed... so... maybe next time. ,,u.u,,

Bright colors are my main key here, if we don't want to call it pale colors. It is a two-story little house which is suitable for a person to live in. I can't describe more... Sometimes I want to make a mock up of it too but I don't have any idea of its interior.

Those fluttering flower petals are just too romantic. Hahahah!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Hestek Kopi

This post is about my recent favorite place named Hestek Kopi, a little café located on Jalan Kaliurang Km 5,5 no.1 Yogyakarta. I like to visit this place on sunny days to get a full glass of iced coffee. To be honest I am not a coffee person, nor a tea person, nor a café person, but for me it's good to go here to change my common atmosphere.

Since I am not one of those previously-mentioned persons, what I like from Hestek Kopi is its interior. I like those little chairs with those little tables! They use simple-designed furniture, so it's gonna be a plus point for those who like simplicity. Oh, they also put some coffee bean jars on a shelf and it's obviously eyecatchy.

My favorite drink from Hestek Kopi is Frozepuccino Original, IDR 17K. It is smooth and not too strong. There is also Frozepuccino Unique that has caramel in it which is going to be any sweet tooth's favorite. They serve Frozepuccino in a glass like that (see artwork). The glasses on background are some menu from Hestek Kopi too.

I created this artwork yesterday after I spent my day there. I had the urge to use neon colors for the clothes and some attention-grabber things like the shoes. I don't want to combine coffee with jeans and shirt on my artwork because I want to let that style remains in reality while I tend to put a little eccentric style onto my artworks. And put aside those rainy clouds, it's not gonna build a cute relationship with my iced coffee lol.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Breezy Window - Inspired from Line Play

Finally I got the chance for editing my drawings again! My bro helped me installing Photoshop CS4 on my repaired laptop and I use it right away.

This artwork is inspired from Line Play, my favorite mobile game from Line which was introduced by my old friend Erwin. I like it purely because of the cute wardrobes and households (such girly priorities, don't you say?). I play it since 2012, I suppose. My first avatar was accidentally deleted early on my play session and I created a new one within few weeks. My addiction, I couldn't help it.

The moment I drew this was after my partner-in-crime Par who also played it sent me some gifts to my avatar, some fashion items and households. One of them was this purple egg-shaped chair. I like it so much because of its unique design. I didn't draw it precisely as the original one, though. Whenever I see this chair on the gift catalog I tend to imagine it bigger and wider and fit for me to cuddle inside with huge and fluffy pillows. XD

Do you play Line Play too?