Monday, July 25, 2016

Guess Who

Guess Who is created based on previous doodle in this post. I imagine this scene happens at a pizza restaurant at evening. Accidental meeting. Long-lost friend... or ex-crush. An apology. Awkwardness. Yet it would be a night they can't forget. They can't tell anyone so they keep it for themselves.

Gosh it's so cheesy. What's more cheesy than mozzarella on a pizza's top? This story is.

Monday, July 18, 2016

My Sister and Her Hero

Trust me, this lovey-dovey-looking piece is inspired by a comedic incident I had seen in real life hahahah. And it was not romantic at all.

It started with Mbak Arum, a great person I mentioned here. She had a best friend, a male, who was frequently 'annoyed' by her in a cute way. Seeing them together is like reading a manga where an energetic girl and a tough boy are in. >w<

They were not romantically involved, but they had a good relationship each other. I even thought he was younger than Mbak Arum because he looked like acting as a younger brother hahahah.

Coloring this piece was a bit challenging because I wanted it to show romance-comedy nuance, yet at the same time I was afraid this was unfortunately overcome by previous piece, Sisters, where gloomy orange dominates and warm clothes were on. But I imagined a sunny morning here so I forgave myself. ^o^;

Do you see that young girl behind the wall? When I was coloring her I remembered a pile of thick whipped cream on top of cupcake. I still don't know why it happens.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Dancing Feet

Dancing Feet was a doodle inspired by Sailor Venus' shoes. In its debut manga and Sailor Moon manga, Sailor V has curvy skinny extremities and she is loyal to use ankle strap yellow heels. I can't draw that super skinny legs *laugh*.

When it came to coloring, I stayed spontaneous on this doodle. I did not have a clear color prescription except yellow for shoes. Usually I have three colors at minimum to color my creations; they can be each for figure's physical tone, outfits, and background, or concentrated on outfits/background/physical tone only. But since it was only a doodle, I did not push myself to decide.

The fishnet here is red only for variation. Of course when it was only a messy doodle, the fishnet was black and the legs were straight white, then I thought it would be a waste to have it colored as common as "black fishnet meets skin tone", so I put a stocking behind those fishnet.

Background coloring was fun. I had played with bright colors these day, so this time I used dark colors. And to highlight the happiness feel from this doodle, I added bright accents which were contrary to the dark background.

Spontaneous doodle goes well with spontaneous coloring!

Sunday, July 10, 2016


I am sorry for posting such unclean piece. This is another doodle I made on a paper. Somehow I think this is somewhat influenced by Zara Larsson on her video Lush Life. Maybe it is because I was listening/ watching it while doodling.

To make anatomical figures is hard to me. I can make ordinary-posed figures like there is no contracted muscle, but I can not make them in full contracted body (I don't think it was a right term hahah). Take athletic poses for example. In stretching, abdominal muscle usually become longer, right? At the same time, back muscle bends so it looks shorter. It depends on your stretching position, of course. I need to learn this carefully so that I can make more poses on my figures easier in the future.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Purpose (colored)

As you can see, this is the colored version a doodle I posted previously. I'm quite satisfied with the color; I was honestly affected by the camera's filter I used when I took the pic of the doodle. Turquoise.

The background story of this piece had been mentioned before. It was silly if I think of it nowadays. =_= But I'm sure in our very brains, there are soft spots for questioning mermaid's existence.

I color my mermaid in green-ish skin and scales with silk-like fins and tail. I tried my best to make adorable hair to her. Cool colors dominate here, but I couldn't find more suitable color than color coral for her lips. 

Sorry for the outstanding text on the rocks. I did not intend to make it that way.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Searching Melody

Ideas can come spontaneously, but when you are purposely looking for an idea, you brainstorm. Brainstorming almost always goes bad in me (duh), but after it builds up from zero to something, we can't stop.

This artwork reflects brainstorming at its best. Whatever kind of ideas you are looking for, if you have find the start point of your idea, you can't stop. You get immersed in it in no time. You want to do whatever you can to capture and keep it. You probably hear some people say "you and your world" to you, that is what you look like when you brainstorming.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Cakes and Chats


What a sweet, sweet reunion with my scanner and laptop. I'd been away for about three weeks and finally I got a chance to edit something.

This artwork was totally inspired by my appointment with my friend Sitha to meet up and eat cake in a cozy cafe. That sounds too cute, I know. But that was what we arranged. The cake day was later happened few days later.

While I'm having empty days between arranging appointment and D-day (actually it was NOT empty at all, I was just not having particular event except working and working), my childhood friend Damar held an art exhibition. Her pieces are totally cute and fantasies! At the end of her exhibition week, they held a drawing class for free and I joined it to make this piece. I got my feet on the ground and my head was high in the clouds that day. ^w^

A week later was my and Sitha's day to eat cake. I had two great weekends that month.

The original file (under process):