Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hello, Del!

Some day back then my cousin Adel said that she likes yellow and bunnies. So after I finished my drawing for her sister Kayla I went designing this, include with descriptions of what colors I would use etc. I really enjoy drawing her hair and skirt, by the way. And yes, this is also a long-time requested artwork.. boohoo I am really sorry >.<

Enjoy it, Del. Sorry and thank you for your patience. :D

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hello, Kay!

This is a long-time requested artwork from my cousin Kayla. I bet she's been waiting for it too long (sorryy... >.<). She asked me to destroy her with a bunch of cats hahahah! What an idea! So I drew the cats starting to attack rather than attacking her (because I didn't know what to draw if she's being attacked. I mean, should I draw her hair only?).

Enjoy it, Kay. Sorry and thank you for your patience. :D

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Hello! Finally After a very long time I come back to this blog!

Allow me to apologize for my hiatus for months. There was a serious case which made me took more time to take care of my brothers and parents, and another personal case which made me turn into a very sensitive person. This personal case is still ongoing, though, but I will do my best to get rid all of it.

Beside this blog, I also hold myself back from my social media accounts. I miss them but I promised myself not too close with them by now since I have this high sensitivity moment (duh, what happens to me?!)

Please enjoy this artwork for my best friends Mel and Martin. I really thank them for all this time waiting. *sob*