Friday, February 15, 2013

The Show (Must Go On)

One day, a little girl imagined herself would have a very long hair and put on a golden curtain-like hair accessory. Then she would use it on stage, then she sings something. She never makes it happens, though, but she is happy to have had an imagination like that.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Red Hood

It was a doodle I made in my spare time, and I was not planning to make it seriously colored. But I love it when I make a drawing directly with a pen and less incorrect, heheh..

Thursday, February 7, 2013

High School Graduation Dress

Graduation day is one of the special days in our lives. For my high school graduation I had prepared my own two-pieces dress for about two weeks before D-Day (June 21st 2009). To wear our own design is such a great moment.

p.s.: I am big, so if you see the top almost has no curve, it is normal. Hahah..

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Dress Design for A Friend of Mine

I am not a designer, nor a student of a school of design. But sometimes I do fashion sketching or browsing anything about fashion on internet. I have posted some designs that were requested from friends, and this is another.

My friend, who asked for it, has a piece of batik fabric with green as the main color. She wanted me to create a shirt/ any kind of cloth that will suit her for her departure to Kalimantan (Indonesia).

Monday, February 4, 2013

Flower, but not Floral

For these dress designs the main muse I cling on was flowers. But I did not created dresses with floral prints on them. Instead, I put bright colors on them the same as flowers' colors.

My mother always says to me that I look great in color pink. So when I sketched this design (above) I thought about Mom and "what if I wear this dress". I love to browse short dresses on internet, but actually I never want to use one. :p

The second dress right above here is my favorite one in this designs series. It might look bad on full-bodied girl like me, especially on the bust area because of that pleated fabric, but what makes it my fave is that this dress design is closer to a form of a flower. Trivia: this is the only designs that I colored with completely different colors.

This yellow dress is another eyecatching thing. I think it would be great if one of a couple a girls use this while another use the pink dress (see top).

This time, in my series of designs, I put some accessories, they are bangles and ankle-strap pumps, all in brass color. And my designs here are not quite clean like the previous drawings of mine, just to see the results of them. I wanted to try new things.

Water and ...

The sketch I show here is another dress design I made in my free time. The first two represented fire and water, and this one represents ... well, I don't know. When I created it I was still thinking about water and added some windy day in it. So maybe the main muse in this dress is water and wind.