Friday, March 28, 2014

Litta Cantik

Hi! It has been a long since the last time I accepted a request.

Litta is one of my KKN (sort of living-in-a-village program) team mates. I had drawn her in here along with the other girls of the team. Her good taste in fashion always inspire me to draw her fashionable character, especially here. To be honest I was a bit out of ideas until I found a good reference in a japanese fashion app Stylink (it's not an advertisement, people :)).

Litta Cantik means Beautiful Litta. The first time I saw this outfit (picture, of course), I immediately thought, "It suits Litta!"

Titty & co., in app Stylink

Monday, March 17, 2014

Velvet Dark Green Long Dress and Goggles

Another steampunk-inspired artworx. I just could not decide which one I should post - I mean the colored ones - so I added them here.

There was not much details I drew except for the head where you can find pocket watch, hat, goggles, and scarf there. I couldn't think any dress else than this dark green long dress. Probably made of thick and warm velvet cloth (and darker than this one so we can only see the color under dimming light). Sounds so witchy, hahah! But steampunk style commonly uses corset and chains.. :/

Lady Gaga inspired me a little for the goggles, fyi. Thank you, Gaga!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hippie Yippee

I challenged myself to make something different from my previous artworxs. Tribal pattern, colored outlines, more details... My weakness points are here. For a people who doesn't have much patience and focus while creating art like me, finishing it was a kind of tiresome thing to do. But when I found this was going to be finished up, it was a very relieving moment.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Late Spring/Summer 2014

Look at the weird date on the pic =_=. I had the concept of this artworx on Feb 2013 as a rough doodle, until my busy days came through, until I got graduated on last March 1 2014. Phew, what a long time! I relieved I could finish it without any difficulties. Maybe this was even one of the easiest artworx I have ever done!

Bold colors are what I used for the concept, as you can see how the skirts look. It was fun to me seeing such wide skirts with bold colors since I rarely see them around. I wished their layered style could make them look more volumized in real life. Ah, I wish I could sew! >m<

My favorite part was coloring the tops, which was a little inspired by Dior, where you can see flower petals applied on clothes on last year's Spring collection, if I weren't wrong. I love how they used pale pink flowers! That's why I tried to apply them here too, especially on the middle and right tops. I chose the one on the right, fyi :p.

When I was coloring the hair, it was kind of an experiment since I colored them in brown hue and gave them red-hued highlights. The result was.. umm.. not so clear to see in a quick look, though. I should choose lighter brown.

Keep the shoes simple, that was what I think in making them. There is no more I can tell about them. =w=

Anyone remembered the background? ;)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Fresh Start

Hello! I'll make it quick. I have scanned and edited a latest artworx! Well, actually it was not properly considered as latest, because this quick doodle was made months ago. :p

I already have a stock of doodle and artworx so don't you worry! (It should determined to me, uuh... what if I'm out of stock someday? =_=)

This Blue Princess was loosely inspired from Cinderella, as you can see at the sparkling blue ball gown. I gave her a touch of sparkling embroidery on the corset and darker cloth on the upper skirt. I wish I could see a girl with a real hair like hers in real life. :D