Friday, October 10, 2014

September Breeze

Back when I was getting hyped on Line Brush (an application for smartphones for drawing and such), among all those doodles I shared here or not, there was this lady I created who wore purple-and-green outfits. Originally its title is Spring Lady, but since I re-draw her in September with all those breezy days (in my city here in Indonesia), well, I thought it was better get a new one.

And this is how she was, on Line Brush:

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Gothic City, The World I Lived At

Yes, this is the dream I mentioned about before (see here), This art does not represent my dream at that time precisely, but more or less it was like this.

I lived, worked, spent my productive age in a gloomy rainy city. Not sure what the name was, but I was having my joyful life there. Not sure what my job was, but I stayed in a nice small apartment with my partner-in-crime who lived in another door.

Rather than "city", the place would be more suitable being a whole different "world" or "planet". People there wore beautiful outfits, and dark colors were more acceptable than lighter ones. Rainy days were common and people like to use umbrellas and to walk. Everything - from people to carriages or other transportation modes - were so elegant.

Perhaps the dream represented my ideal place to live. Anyhow, there is a place called Rain City in this country. The rain is the only thing resembles Gothic City, though.