Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hello, Del!

Some day back then my cousin Adel said that she likes yellow and bunnies. So after I finished my drawing for her sister Kayla I went designing this, include with descriptions of what colors I would use etc. I really enjoy drawing her hair and skirt, by the way. And yes, this is also a long-time requested artwork.. boohoo I am really sorry >.<

Enjoy it, Del. Sorry and thank you for your patience. :D

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hello, Kay!

This is a long-time requested artwork from my cousin Kayla. I bet she's been waiting for it too long (sorryy... >.<). She asked me to destroy her with a bunch of cats hahahah! What an idea! So I drew the cats starting to attack rather than attacking her (because I didn't know what to draw if she's being attacked. I mean, should I draw her hair only?).

Enjoy it, Kay. Sorry and thank you for your patience. :D

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Hello! Finally After a very long time I come back to this blog!

Allow me to apologize for my hiatus for months. There was a serious case which made me took more time to take care of my brothers and parents, and another personal case which made me turn into a very sensitive person. This personal case is still ongoing, though, but I will do my best to get rid all of it.

Beside this blog, I also hold myself back from my social media accounts. I miss them but I promised myself not too close with them by now since I have this high sensitivity moment (duh, what happens to me?!)

Please enjoy this artwork for my best friends Mel and Martin. I really thank them for all this time waiting. *sob*

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I know it has been a very long time since the last time I posted my last uploaded artowork "Steampunk" here. Even though this is only an unpopular blog, I am really sorry for you, my readers. There were many things happened lately in my life and I have never been this busy in years. I had to do some hard work, mostly for my college life (it will be still continuing until the end of the year, I suppose), that I had very limited time for finishing my artworks.

Some friends and family members who had sent me their requests, especially, I really really apologize to have made you waited for months yet still have not received the results until today.

Half of my business will be finished these weeks so I will look forward to regain my time to finish the artworks that have been in my closed-lid scanner since months ago. To optimalize it, I am not receiving any requests recently.

I wish all the goodness always come to us. Thank you.

31.7.2013, Wednesday

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I like steampunk fashion style. I knew it from a dress-up game years ago and I found it as an unusual style yet attractive. Steampunk accessories are still kind of rare things here, and steampunk style itself is not an ordinary style that can be used daily so I didn't have many in-my-real-life references while making this. Yellow and brown were mainly used here.

Yes, it is a weird pose to draw.. =.=

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Handbelt From Lell

Halo, kali ini aku ga cerita soal artworx melainkan soal handbelt karya . Pada dasarnya, aku bukan orang yang suka sama gelang-gelangan yang ada bahan suede atau kulit sintetis, tapi Lell yang banyak menggunakan bahan-bahan itu wujudnya lucu-lucu banget! Aku jadi tergoda untuk pake satu meheheheh..

Salah satu yang menarik perhatianku
Lucu yak
Udah di pergelangan tangan kiri huahahah :D (gambarnya flipped)

Friday, May 3, 2013

Simple Gothic Lolita

Yes I like to design clothes and dresses, but no I am not a designer nor a professional autodidact designer. For me, designing is almost the same with drawing where I can put a little imagination as the details of it.

Gothic lolita is a cute style of dressing. Though I have never used any gothic lolita style in real life, I have had moments where I browsed pictures of people in gothic lolita. Whether it is black-themed or blue-themed or pink-themed, gothic lolita is always attractive!

I drew this gothic lolita dress set as a bit of formal outfit and not so frilly. And there are some spots on the skirt so that the beading can be hanged to.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Childhood Gown

Two of these sleep gowns (on the middle and the right ones) came from my memory of my childhood gown. Mine was pink with thin stripes on it, had a ribbon under the chest, and had one or two petticoats in. And as far as I remember, mine was long-sleeved.

Clouds were so into my mind when I was a little girl. I had always imagined how it would feel when we step or lay on them. Adults had always told me that clouds could not be stepped on but I did not believe it until I saw an airplane flew through them. Half of my heart was broken while the other was accepting. Thus became a reason of why I drew a girl passed her hand through a piece of cloud while another touched the surface of the cloud.

Friday, April 26, 2013

The Girls from The Mountain Wonderland

I had written a story of my experience living in a village at Kulonprogo a few months ago on this blog. Just for a quick reminder, I lived there with four girls and five boys from different faculties of my university for two months. We had cheerful days full with flowers and butterflies (lol just kidding, the girls and the boys were almost frenemies :p). Team girl!

Left-right: Romantic Ayu, Fabulous me, Formal-Casual Roza, Korean-styled Falla, Businesswoman Lita

Thursday, April 25, 2013

White Silence

Actually I supposed to type "White Lies" as the title but then I realized that the characters in this drawing were having their mouth covered with clothes, representing they could not speak. Who lies?

Friday, April 19, 2013

The Next Artworx Sneak Peek!

Here I share some fragments of the next artworks. I will do five pieces in total.

Line Brush: I was Starting to Get Used to

The first time I tried to use Line Brush, I could not draw loosely. Yeah, you can see it on the previous post. But after I got this mini addicted feeling to this app, the next sketches got smoother and smoother. I was glad. C:

I wish I can make this one on a canvas

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Line Brush

Hi! Oh my God, it has been a long time since the last time I wrote something here!

I want to share you about one of applications I use on my phone. It is Line Brush. Have you tried or used it?

This app is simple and I used to draw some pop up ideas with it. I can choose the 'equipment' and colors to add on my drawing and finish them quickly since they are sketches. Here are my first drawings made with Line Brush.

I'll post some others next time!

Friday, February 15, 2013

The Show (Must Go On)

One day, a little girl imagined herself would have a very long hair and put on a golden curtain-like hair accessory. Then she would use it on stage, then she sings something. She never makes it happens, though, but she is happy to have had an imagination like that.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Red Hood

It was a doodle I made in my spare time, and I was not planning to make it seriously colored. But I love it when I make a drawing directly with a pen and less incorrect, heheh..

Thursday, February 7, 2013

High School Graduation Dress

Graduation day is one of the special days in our lives. For my high school graduation I had prepared my own two-pieces dress for about two weeks before D-Day (June 21st 2009). To wear our own design is such a great moment.

p.s.: I am big, so if you see the top almost has no curve, it is normal. Hahah..

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Dress Design for A Friend of Mine

I am not a designer, nor a student of a school of design. But sometimes I do fashion sketching or browsing anything about fashion on internet. I have posted some designs that were requested from friends, and this is another.

My friend, who asked for it, has a piece of batik fabric with green as the main color. She wanted me to create a shirt/ any kind of cloth that will suit her for her departure to Kalimantan (Indonesia).

Monday, February 4, 2013

Flower, but not Floral

For these dress designs the main muse I cling on was flowers. But I did not created dresses with floral prints on them. Instead, I put bright colors on them the same as flowers' colors.

My mother always says to me that I look great in color pink. So when I sketched this design (above) I thought about Mom and "what if I wear this dress". I love to browse short dresses on internet, but actually I never want to use one. :p

The second dress right above here is my favorite one in this designs series. It might look bad on full-bodied girl like me, especially on the bust area because of that pleated fabric, but what makes it my fave is that this dress design is closer to a form of a flower. Trivia: this is the only designs that I colored with completely different colors.

This yellow dress is another eyecatching thing. I think it would be great if one of a couple a girls use this while another use the pink dress (see top).

This time, in my series of designs, I put some accessories, they are bangles and ankle-strap pumps, all in brass color. And my designs here are not quite clean like the previous drawings of mine, just to see the results of them. I wanted to try new things.

Water and ...

The sketch I show here is another dress design I made in my free time. The first two represented fire and water, and this one represents ... well, I don't know. When I created it I was still thinking about water and added some windy day in it. So maybe the main muse in this dress is water and wind.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Free Time

Here are some of my latest fashion designs. I didn't know what came after me, but I had an urge to draw some designs. The designs I show here represent fire and water. The fire-inspired dress is similar to an old design, especially on the neck and that "mermaid tail". I realized it lately. Hahahah..