Monday, April 28, 2014

At Night Street

Along with A Girl from Tokusatsu, there is another doodle of a lady under a cape like those in gothic Renaissance-themed movies. There is not much I can tell about except a young lady wearing a dark green cape (wandering on the street at night, if I might add). Mysterious persons make us wonder, don't they?

p.s.: I like capes, but living in a tropical country would make me uncomfortable wearing one. *sigh*

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Girl from Tokusatsu

Not to make some people misunderstand; I am not a fan of tokusatsu. But tokusatsu always has interesting points in every series, like the effects, the simplified neighborhood, and of course the hero.

On February 9 2014 I randomly choosing TV channels when I saw a tokusatsu movie was going on. My focus was not at the story, it was on this girl's look instead. She wore loose jacket and a cap that makes her face looked cute with her long black hair. Her shoes were not exactly like this; her legs showed more skin than here. I presumed she looks cuter with long socks.

I don't know her name, though, but I think she is a part of Masked Rider Den-O Episode Red. I searched the movie's title through TV schedule on that day.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Drawing Pen >< Ballpoint Pen

Let me tell you a dirty little secret: I had never used any drawing pen on my previous drawings. It was not because I don't like them; it was simply because I don't have one. Okay, I had it once but it had broken and I couldn't use it well. Then around a month ago I found one when I cleaned up my bookcase and I tried to use it and... woah.

With that drawing pen I created some doodles, one of them was this 'mini Cinderella' things. The one on the left is drew by drawing pen while another is drew by ballpoint pen. Of course there are some differences. As you can see, I can drew her legs curvier with drawing pen rather than with ballpoint pen.

What a regret... T^T

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Indonesia Election Day

Just wanted to inform you that today was election day. Not for president; it was for legislatives. Here I post my self picture with my purple finger as a proof that I have voted.

For better Indonesia