Monday, September 7, 2015

Death and His Friends

On August 2, 2015, my aunt from my father passed away because of her heartache. She was a cooking teacher and lived only with my grandmother. Thus, I, my brother, and my father should alternately take care of my grandmother. She doesn't want to move in to our house for now, that's why we have to look after her. My mother and my youngest bro don't take a part in the schedules because it would be a difficult thing to arrange. Such a fortune to have grandmother's house not far from ours. Besides, that house was my old house where I lived with my parents and brothers when we just arrived in this province so we don't need much adaptation to stay there.

On the other hand, time sometimes runs slowly... should I say 'time walks slowly' instead? I can't concentrate at making new artworks. Okay I can call myself lazy hand, lazy head, but really, this go and back to this and that house doesn't bring a good mood to my art heart. The way I spend my time changes a lot. If I want to meet some friends, I should make the appointment near the day, or even right on the day, which is not what I used to do. When I want to go to a cafe or a cinema, I should do it myself because I have no time to arranged a meet up with a friend (lucky, to go to those places is a thing I had done some times before). I think those are the biggest differences I've had experienced so far.

Of course I hope I will easily make artworks again in the near future. It's just not this time. I had scanned some pieces but I barely touch them. Please forgive me.