Saturday, March 26, 2016

We Don't Talk Anymore

Okay, this doodle is clearly inspired by Charlie Puth's We Don't Talk Anymore. The song is somewhat hurting some hearts, am I right? The hook part is just perfect, it's the very point that makes me love this song currently.

I keep this doodle uncleared because, if you see it closely, you can find some repeating lyrics written in it just like when I hit replay button on Youtube to listen to it again and again. I bet some people brought up their old bitter memories to the surface. Or was it just me?

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Gadis Senja

Zahra a.k.a Aya asked me to draw this for her, with the words and 'identities' which means my social media accounts' names. I'm glad I can finish this. It's kinda new to me to color a sky of twilight. Oh, by the way, Gadis Senja means Dusk Girl.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Family Picnic

This piece is made for my old friend Nia. She went to the same junior high with me but we weren't so close that time. After we went to the same university and same classroom (which means same concentration), we went well and always spent the time together until she was graduated earlier than me. Now she has a husband and a cute son.

Honestly I can't think of suitable colors for this piece. I always remember Nia's dark navy blue sweater which was my favorite. She looks independent and strong with that color. She looks good in red too, but it's like adding fuel to flame. ^^: She has a taste of anak gaul and definitely not suitable in pink. After some consideration, I chose this bright-sky blue combined with sunny yellow. Then I added the green leaves to fill the blank space. I hope you'll like it, Nia! Thanks for requesting! :D

p.s: solar eclipse seen in Indonesia today!