Sunday, February 26, 2017

Brick Wall

Hi guys! Oh, it was a hectic month on early 2017! I'm glad to be back here and post something. This time I post something similar with previous post; a piece directly from pen with high manuality in the process. Manually digital...?

This piece was pretty easy since I didn't have to draw any limb. I just had to be careful when it came to coloring. I wanted to make it had a sense of autumn (even though I had never experience autumn for real), so I chose green and orange as the main notes. The rest was easy.

Dark red is never wrong, it is almost like the flexible black in your clothes. That was my reason to put it onto the shirt. As for the scarf, I wanted to make it as attractive as possible so I picked that light blue. It was quite opposing the rest colors. I was really enjoying the coloring process.