Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Kimono Tears

Guess some people are pretty productive when it comes to doodling, huh? I found this when I was arranging my collection. By collection I mean they're a bunch of used papers with my scratches on them. This lady was at a corner of a paper and I found out that she had never been scanned! Shortly I scanned her and color her tonight. Phew.

FYI do you see some tiles behind her head? It was an accident to put them there. The tiles were actually from real tiles in my bathroom. They had this complicated pattern yet were arranged in homogeneous way. So I took a picture of them and drew them here, wished that they actually can build a certain shape... but they can't. And when I realized it, the tiles turned to be good accessories for the lady.

Carrot Soup

I found this scratch on a used paper. I have no idea what reason I had when I made it; it's a cooking person! Maybe I was hungry? Or maybe I was imagining the business of living alone hahahah. One thing I remember is that I made it after I read a recipe book.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

You Look Good In Red

Red is not my favorite color. However, red things usually easily attract me in its magical way. This guy I know is often wear red shirt. I don't know if it's because it's his color or if it's just a coincidence, but almost every time we meet, he's using red. And then there was this odd day where he didn't wear red. I felt something was missing at the time; he lost his "liveliness". Something that used to be noticed so easily was not there.

PS: I made this is the same cafe.
PPS: I don't like smoker. This guy like smoking so much.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Cotton Slumber

Today's accidental doodle. Snowman V-6 on paper.

Cotton Slumber

Will be scanned soon! (But I like how a filter can change the whole mood on this pic :3)

Untouchable Vibe (plus bonus!)

Have a holy Maulid Nabi and Merry Christmas, people! Yep, these holy days are getting along on my calendar this year. Rare, huh?

I'm gonna show you another doodle I made in that cafe I mentioned in previous posts. Guess boredom pushed me to draw more, ha ha ha. In this picture is a young man (yes, a man. I know it's kinda confusing with those bright eyes and pink cheeks but it's a man), who was inspired from a real man I see sometimes and I don't know much about. A somewhat stranger. Maybe it's because we don't know each other that makes me think that he has this untouchable vibe. I don't want to know more about him too. Not in a bad way; I just don't have the urge to since we are stranger. We sometimes meet somebody like this, right?

Oh, if you read the text and found the word "nyentrik", according to Google Translate it means "eccentric". It's from Bahasa.


Now you know where I was sitting and doodling.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Awkward with Iced Coffee

This doodle is living on the same page with the one from my previous post. Yep, I created them on the same day and same place. It was a hot day in dry season (I live in a two-seasoned country) so I ordered an iced coffee as always. Then we blended with the silence.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


This is based on my true experience. I was sitting on a wooden chair in my favorite cafe while doodling this. I should had brought a book before I went there, but I forgot. I left my smartphone as well. So there I was. The music played, the cafe was empty, the barista and I were silent. My iced coffee stood tall on my table. That's an uncommon silent.