Saturday, March 24, 2012

Decide the title yourself :p

I really had no idea of what I drew at the time. I only followed my heart to make the lines, the circles, to choose the colors.. It looks like Rapunzel's long hair, I guessed. No, it looks like lava streaming down the hill and meets water, I guessed again.

I drew it upside down, FYI.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Basically I drew this pictures for my youngest brother, to show him more of the colors combinations and more panoramic views that children can draw.

I drew this over a year ago on my youngest brother's note book. The wild red spots around the picture are from spidol ink right on the back of the paper.

About two weeks ago :3

Within last week. I tried to add color gradation on the boats and the sun.

In last week too. Color gradation on the ducks and the reflection of the trees and land are my practice points while making this picture.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Old pics again..

This pic was taken on my bed and I totally had nothing to do.

I tried to add some glow on my hair, but it came out unnatural. I don't understand why I still keeping this pic.

Based on the original pic, I gave the glow effect on the whole picture. Somehow it reminds me of Snow White. The pale skin, the black hair. I didn't mean I looked similar to her, really.

Ah! Found old pics..

Original. Yeah, I was that weird. It was captured about a year ago.

Photoshop helped me :p

Just edited the previous pic a few minutes ago. Such a nonsense result, actually.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Blue Long Dress

I was window shopping in Galeria Mall at Yogyakarta while I saw a light-blue-colored long dress with large floral print on it. I really wanted that dress but at the time I ran out of cash.. :'c

Then I try to remember the details of the dress and try to draw it on a paper, but all I got was a long dress with stiff floral print like this -____-

I put orange shades on her face.

White Dress first sketch

The concept of the "White Dress" artworxes was based on a dream on July 21st 2011