Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I like steampunk fashion style. I knew it from a dress-up game years ago and I found it as an unusual style yet attractive. Steampunk accessories are still kind of rare things here, and steampunk style itself is not an ordinary style that can be used daily so I didn't have many in-my-real-life references while making this. Yellow and brown were mainly used here.

Yes, it is a weird pose to draw.. =.=

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Handbelt From Lell

Halo, kali ini aku ga cerita soal artworx melainkan soal handbelt karya http://lellalellalella.blogspot.com/ . Pada dasarnya, aku bukan orang yang suka sama gelang-gelangan yang ada bahan suede atau kulit sintetis, tapi Lell yang banyak menggunakan bahan-bahan itu wujudnya lucu-lucu banget! Aku jadi tergoda untuk pake satu meheheheh..

Salah satu yang menarik perhatianku
Lucu yak
Udah di pergelangan tangan kiri huahahah :D (gambarnya flipped)

Friday, May 3, 2013

Simple Gothic Lolita

Yes I like to design clothes and dresses, but no I am not a designer nor a professional autodidact designer. For me, designing is almost the same with drawing where I can put a little imagination as the details of it.

Gothic lolita is a cute style of dressing. Though I have never used any gothic lolita style in real life, I have had moments where I browsed pictures of people in gothic lolita. Whether it is black-themed or blue-themed or pink-themed, gothic lolita is always attractive!

I drew this gothic lolita dress set as a bit of formal outfit and not so frilly. And there are some spots on the skirt so that the beading can be hanged to.