Monday, September 3, 2012


I just realized how long I didn't post anything here. It's a month! Now I prepare myself to post something here after all of the business related to my campus's program done. "Done" means:

  • I don't have to stay in the village
  • I am home
  • I will be back to my daily routine soon
  • I can post anything (perhaps there wil be more than usual)

Leaving from the village is not an easy job to do. The chidren has had those memorable moments with us, and so their parents, so there was so much tears dropped at the last day we stayed there.

Here I put some of my pictures when I was there :) (I photoshoped them to increase my mood)

The first time we observed the area. One of the member of the team captured this.

Some member of the team, include me, taught the moslem children in the mosque every Saturday - Thursday.

Her name is Dewi.

Girls of the team.