Sunday, April 22, 2012

People who live in tropic areas usually use light fabrics as their daily clothes, especially in the dry season...

Once, I saw a plain greyish blue summer dress in a boutique in Galeria Mall Yogyakarta. The fabrics is so comfortable and the greyish blue color was really into my eyes. I didn't want to buy it, I just loved the dress.

A few days later I went to the mall again and I saw a plaid shirt at Matahari. There were pink and purple lines on the shirt and its length is my favorite (it was below my hips). I have seen Nina Dobrev used a similar shirt in a photoshoot session of a magazine.

Umm.. The colors are much softer here, I guess..

Nope, I didn't buy the shirt either even though I really, really want it. Yes I wanted that shirt, but I didn't need it. That is why I rarely buy any clothes I demand.

Now talk about the white gladiator shoes. I was a gladiator fanatic until I realized that those shoes/sandals just make my feet look much bigger. And so I lost my confidence at once.... =___=

But I was brave enough to put the sandals as a part of this concept. It was because the person who use all of the items in the picture was not me! XD Yeah, actually this concept was used by a character in one of my short stories. After I had my first book published, I had some difficult time to publish another novel. And I got almost no time to write novels so I wrote short stories until now.