Thursday, June 30, 2011

My first book!

Waktu SMP aku iseng-iseng bikin cerita fiksi dan dapet kesempatan untuk nerbitinnya setelah ikut sekolah menulis di kotaku. Inilah hasilnya :) / When I was in junior high school I made this fiction story and got a chance to publish it after I graduated from a writing school in my city. This is the result :)

Bukan aku yang bikin covernya, sekedar kasih tau./ It was not me who create the cover, FYI.

UPDATE (April 23 2014)
I am sorry for my very, very late of realizing that there was no enough information about this novel. Or if I might call, novelette.

I wrote this when I was in my ninth grade in 2006. My pen name was M.S.Ratri, my favorite shortage name at the time. I did it only for fun; I was getting deep in my fictional mind and I typed the story on a secondhand PC set which was belong to me as my first PC set.

This novelette titled Love Dilemma, a story about two girls in a school who met two boys who were popular new students. They were nice people, you may need to note it. Everything was just fine at first. Their friendship grew into something like other teenagers had. But it didn't stand too long since one of the girl had a change of heart and caused a little problem between them.

Since I wrote it in my very young and alay age, I merely created a very light story in Love Dilemma. The book was published in 2006 by JWS (Jogja Writing School), near my final exam, and the book is thin with mint-colored cover. Unfortunately they discontinued publishing it. But still, it's a worth experience to me.