Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hair Colorant

For the first time in my life, I change my hair color with a permanent hair-colorant. The first-and-last moment I used hair colorant was when I was in grade ten, and it was semi-permanent sprayer colorant (it disappears after I wash my hair).

My hair color is black/ dark brown, the kind of hair color that often exists in Asia. Before I got a chance to change its color, I loved to imagine my hair in unusual colors, like purple or magenta. That's why I chose purple colorant when I was in grade ten, and another purplish colorant for my latest hair color.

It is a brand of hair colorant in Indonesia. My semi-permanent colorant was from this brand, too.

In the package.

Purple Red.
  • Natural Black
  • Blue Black
  • Copper Hazel
  • Purple Red
  • Dark Ash
  • Dark Blue
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Passion Red
  • Dark Mahogany Brown
  • Irise Red
  • Coffee Purple
  • Bright Brown Red
  • Golden
  • Copper Golden Blonde
  • Violet Mahogany
  • Wild Berry
  • Maple Poliage Red

FYI, I didn't bleach my hair. It is something I avoid after I receive some advice from here and there, though I know that bleaching will make the color more attractive and I know that there is possibility for me to have a change of heart. As a result, I got the color almost unseen.. 

I re-colored my hair today. Maybe I'll post the result picture later, maybe not. Hahah!