Monday, February 4, 2013

Flower, but not Floral

For these dress designs the main muse I cling on was flowers. But I did not created dresses with floral prints on them. Instead, I put bright colors on them the same as flowers' colors.

My mother always says to me that I look great in color pink. So when I sketched this design (above) I thought about Mom and "what if I wear this dress". I love to browse short dresses on internet, but actually I never want to use one. :p

The second dress right above here is my favorite one in this designs series. It might look bad on full-bodied girl like me, especially on the bust area because of that pleated fabric, but what makes it my fave is that this dress design is closer to a form of a flower. Trivia: this is the only designs that I colored with completely different colors.

This yellow dress is another eyecatching thing. I think it would be great if one of a couple a girls use this while another use the pink dress (see top).

This time, in my series of designs, I put some accessories, they are bangles and ankle-strap pumps, all in brass color. And my designs here are not quite clean like the previous drawings of mine, just to see the results of them. I wanted to try new things.