Saturday, March 8, 2014

Late Spring/Summer 2014

Look at the weird date on the pic =_=. I had the concept of this artworx on Feb 2013 as a rough doodle, until my busy days came through, until I got graduated on last March 1 2014. Phew, what a long time! I relieved I could finish it without any difficulties. Maybe this was even one of the easiest artworx I have ever done!

Bold colors are what I used for the concept, as you can see how the skirts look. It was fun to me seeing such wide skirts with bold colors since I rarely see them around. I wished their layered style could make them look more volumized in real life. Ah, I wish I could sew! >m<

My favorite part was coloring the tops, which was a little inspired by Dior, where you can see flower petals applied on clothes on last year's Spring collection, if I weren't wrong. I love how they used pale pink flowers! That's why I tried to apply them here too, especially on the middle and right tops. I chose the one on the right, fyi :p.

When I was coloring the hair, it was kind of an experiment since I colored them in brown hue and gave them red-hued highlights. The result was.. umm.. not so clear to see in a quick look, though. I should choose lighter brown.

Keep the shoes simple, that was what I think in making them. There is no more I can tell about them. =w=

Anyone remembered the background? ;)