Friday, December 25, 2015

Untouchable Vibe (plus bonus!)

Have a holy Maulid Nabi and Merry Christmas, people! Yep, these holy days are getting along on my calendar this year. Rare, huh?

I'm gonna show you another doodle I made in that cafe I mentioned in previous posts. Guess boredom pushed me to draw more, ha ha ha. In this picture is a young man (yes, a man. I know it's kinda confusing with those bright eyes and pink cheeks but it's a man), who was inspired from a real man I see sometimes and I don't know much about. A somewhat stranger. Maybe it's because we don't know each other that makes me think that he has this untouchable vibe. I don't want to know more about him too. Not in a bad way; I just don't have the urge to since we are stranger. We sometimes meet somebody like this, right?

Oh, if you read the text and found the word "nyentrik", according to Google Translate it means "eccentric". It's from Bahasa.


Now you know where I was sitting and doodling.