Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Hidden

Anyone can't force themselves to dream something specific, right? So do I. This dream occurred one or two months ago. Around that time, as far as I remember, I wasn't stressed nor having a trouble, and my brain created such a horror-comedy dream to be enjoyed that night.

In my dream, I was a different person from my real life. I was schooling in a different building of a university from my real life, very popular, and actively joining student club. Wherever I was walking with my two best friends, non-existences in my real life, everyone would greet us and their attention were centered to me.

Then one day, I was walking with my two best friends to the cafeteria to get some lunch. We want some mi ayam or bakso that noon. The cafeteria was very crowded and we had to carefully search an empty table for the three of us. Luckily there was a table for three (that's pretty uncommon in our real life!) and we sat there, ordered and finally started to eat, when a group of annoying juniors came to us.

They came in six or seven girls and one of them was a sick captious one who kept being noisy. I forgot what she said right after I woke up. Angered, I transformed into a huge, slender ghostly skeleton spirit with a beautiful gown and full with odorless smokes. My body formed with some kind of black ribbons and and smokes came out from the hollow parts. I grabbed the captious one as a threat. My two best friends calmly (or carelessly?) told me to enjoy my food and ignore that girl but I can't. Maybe they had seen me in that form before so that they weren't shocked that moment.

As my anger was still there, this group of annoying juniors became frightened but they couldn't do anything except stared at me and her friend in my hand alternately. This one girl in my hand had stopped talking, too. To finish the fuss, I take my other hand and, pop! With one clap, that girl disappeared. My two friends didn't comment and they kept eating whatever in their bowls, while this group of juniors still can't do anything. Too bad my dream ended that way, I still wanted to know what happened next and how I transformed back to myself.