Monday, November 2, 2015

A Door Without Key

It turns out that I skip last October without a single post, huh. Why can't I just keep posting through the months instead of procrastinating?! Please forgive me.

A Door Without Key was actually made for celebrating my personal private celebration. How to put it... it's my celebration of closing a certain door since 2013 and not opening it till now (now means this post's date).

Obviously my 'certain door' is not as the same as this illustration, but this is how I 'design' it. The pink crystal thing above the door is inspired by one of the Barbie's franchise movies. *searching for the title* It's Barbie and the Secret Door. It's not my favorite movie, though, but who can resist Barbie movies?

I should've said this on July: happy second year of closing door celebration!