Monday, July 18, 2016

My Sister and Her Hero

Trust me, this lovey-dovey-looking piece is inspired by a comedic incident I had seen in real life hahahah. And it was not romantic at all.

It started with Mbak Arum, a great person I mentioned here. She had a best friend, a male, who was frequently 'annoyed' by her in a cute way. Seeing them together is like reading a manga where an energetic girl and a tough boy are in. >w<

They were not romantically involved, but they had a good relationship each other. I even thought he was younger than Mbak Arum because he looked like acting as a younger brother hahahah.

Coloring this piece was a bit challenging because I wanted it to show romance-comedy nuance, yet at the same time I was afraid this was unfortunately overcome by previous piece, Sisters, where gloomy orange dominates and warm clothes were on. But I imagined a sunny morning here so I forgave myself. ^o^;

Do you see that young girl behind the wall? When I was coloring her I remembered a pile of thick whipped cream on top of cupcake. I still don't know why it happens.