Saturday, July 2, 2016

Cakes and Chats


What a sweet, sweet reunion with my scanner and laptop. I'd been away for about three weeks and finally I got a chance to edit something.

This artwork was totally inspired by my appointment with my friend Sitha to meet up and eat cake in a cozy cafe. That sounds too cute, I know. But that was what we arranged. The cake day was later happened few days later.

While I'm having empty days between arranging appointment and D-day (actually it was NOT empty at all, I was just not having particular event except working and working), my childhood friend Damar held an art exhibition. Her pieces are totally cute and fantasies! At the end of her exhibition week, they held a drawing class for free and I joined it to make this piece. I got my feet on the ground and my head was high in the clouds that day. ^w^

A week later was my and Sitha's day to eat cake. I had two great weekends that month.

The original file (under process):