Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Dancing Feet

Dancing Feet was a doodle inspired by Sailor Venus' shoes. In its debut manga and Sailor Moon manga, Sailor V has curvy skinny extremities and she is loyal to use ankle strap yellow heels. I can't draw that super skinny legs *laugh*.

When it came to coloring, I stayed spontaneous on this doodle. I did not have a clear color prescription except yellow for shoes. Usually I have three colors at minimum to color my creations; they can be each for figure's physical tone, outfits, and background, or concentrated on outfits/background/physical tone only. But since it was only a doodle, I did not push myself to decide.

The fishnet here is red only for variation. Of course when it was only a messy doodle, the fishnet was black and the legs were straight white, then I thought it would be a waste to have it colored as common as "black fishnet meets skin tone", so I put a stocking behind those fishnet.

Background coloring was fun. I had played with bright colors these day, so this time I used dark colors. And to highlight the happiness feel from this doodle, I added bright accents which were contrary to the dark background.

Spontaneous doodle goes well with spontaneous coloring!