Friday, May 30, 2014

'Love Rain' Fashion

Has anyone watched Korean drama "Love Rain" aka "Sarangbi"? I myself had not watched it completely, but my impression on its first episodes is nice. More precisely, touched.

Since I am not a movie hunter (internet, cough cough), I watched "Love Rain" on an Indonesian TV channel around mid 2013. The show was cut just after the story changed to modern-day setting and the channel has never continued it. Some infos said that the show itself was troublesome in its origin country due to plagiarism issue. However, I am still loving the nuance of this touching, romantic drama. I know it is hard to happen in real life but still... *deep sigh*

Another reason why I love "Love Rain" is their wardrobe. The costume designer team surely know how to mix and match this piece with that piece to show vintage good look. I tried to make some here, and now I think I had some failure here and there...

Bold colors was the key I kept in mind while coloring "'Love Rain' Fashion". Bold colors was seen mostly in the first episodes where the story was set in 70s more or less. The characters in the set were using layered shirts and sweaters which make them look adorable even for the boys. That was what I meant to show here. But I think I still have to learn and practice more to have a vintage good look like how the costume team did in "Love Rain".

Anyway, I really enjoyed coloring that tribal skirt!