Saturday, June 13, 2015

Breezy Window - Inspired from Line Play

Finally I got the chance for editing my drawings again! My bro helped me installing Photoshop CS4 on my repaired laptop and I use it right away.

This artwork is inspired from Line Play, my favorite mobile game from Line which was introduced by my old friend Erwin. I like it purely because of the cute wardrobes and households (such girly priorities, don't you say?). I play it since 2012, I suppose. My first avatar was accidentally deleted early on my play session and I created a new one within few weeks. My addiction, I couldn't help it.

The moment I drew this was after my partner-in-crime Par who also played it sent me some gifts to my avatar, some fashion items and households. One of them was this purple egg-shaped chair. I like it so much because of its unique design. I didn't draw it precisely as the original one, though. Whenever I see this chair on the gift catalog I tend to imagine it bigger and wider and fit for me to cuddle inside with huge and fluffy pillows. XD

Do you play Line Play too?