Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Lazy Days

Perhaps some of you realize that I had rarely drawn characters in tiny clothes or those that show some skin. It's actually my drawing's main characteristic. But I think I need to take a chance or two to draw those kind of clothes. Just to try it out.

All my life I had never had tiny clothes except my kindergarten uniform and some childhood swimwear. I was growing fatter and fatter so those kind of clothes aren't made for me. Okay, I obviously can knock any tailor's door and ask them to make some sexy dresses or hot pants but those clothes would never be worn frequently because of their lack of comfort. It's not nice to leave my chair with sweat from my thighs or to ride my motorbike with flowing skirt or wrinkly hot pants... people would think that I go out without any pants by this view. Even if I'm too thin now, perhaps those clothes would be worn only inside my house or wherever I stay or live.

So, Lazy Days is inspired from this point of view. I designed this mini outfit (sometimes I want to call them pajamas) only for lazing around the house. They are two-piece outfit, every one of them consists of a loose tank top with wide U neck and a loose hipster micro pants. Cotton is best for them. Of course I won't show this soon to a tailor for I am still in a size where comfort is high-prioritized. But who knows I'd have some in the future?