Sunday, November 22, 2015

Kuro Gyaru

When I was creating this, it was when I mostly spent my time watching Kawaii Pateen channel on Youtube and found Japanese kuro gyaru fashion. Kuro gyaru literally means black girl, that's why they use tanner and darker foundation to represent their style. They were really flashy and colorful like nobody else can beat them! I was and still am sure that it needs a lot of confidence to wear such bold makeup and outfits, which is difficult since not all society can accept one who wears eccentric things outside stages.

Generally speaking, I like how kuro gyaru spreads arund Japanese youth. It persuades us to be ourselves and be confident facing our futures. I don't think I would be a kuro gyaru girl, though. However, I would not resist to try it under some conditions. XD

Here is another version of coloring of this piece: