Monday, September 22, 2014

Is That Earth

This is adapted from one of my lucid dreams weeks ago. In that dream, I lived in a huge dorm with a bunch of strangers who seemed had never known me in real life. Two of them had similar faces with two people in my real life, but they acted like they had never known me too in the dream.

One night, people of the dorm gathered on every balconies to see something that pulls out my curiosity. I tried to have a nice spot to see what they saw at the moment, when at last I gathered with those two people I mentioned before, plus one stranger boy (I drew him; the one who wears brown pants in the pic). And what I saw is ridiculously amazing.

It was the Earth in a strange shape in its greyish blue hue in the darkness of the night, being 'attacked' by monstrously thunderstorm, with a moon glistening like a metal ball above her. So dangerous yet somehow peaceful and beautiful at the same time, leaving the trace of a question: if that is the Earth, then where am I?

Actually my dream did not end here. There was a forward part but I can't decide of how I should draw it. Besides, it 'only' showed that I with those guys running around the dorm's ground in the late of night. Other strangers were running in front of us.

Lately my dreams always tells about other worlds I could live in. Are you a lucid dream and/or a dream journalist? What is your strangest dream?

SPOILER ALERT: SPOILER ALERT: SPOILER ALERT: I have another piece of my lucid dream and I will upload it soon.