Wednesday, November 26, 2014

This November

Hello! This is one of my less productive month for me, I guess. Still jobless (duh). No, kidding. I'm helping my mom's small business now. But at least I'm having fun.

Started from the end of October/ early November, Kakao Talk, a chatting application for smartphone, held an event specially for my city. They would going to give us movie vouchers, phones, TV, etc and all we had to do is intensively using Kakao Talk.

Shortly, I and my partner-in-crime got their invitation to get the gifts. I personally got 1+10 movie vouchers (1 at the D-Day and 10 from playing darts there), while she got 2+10 movie vouchers (because she brought a friend to the D-Day). So we're planning to watch this month's movies. We have to spend the vouchers this month because it expires on the last day of the month.

Right after we got the vouchers, we went watching Big Hero 6. It's a very good movie! I'm not gonna spill it much here since this is not a movie reviewer blog. On the next week we watched Ouija which had a good plot actually (according to my point of view). And we're going to watch another movie on this last week of the month: Penguins of Madagascar.

Since I graduated on March 2014, sometimes I go out like a prize hunter. I got a Line official plush doll (Line is a chatting application too). Okay it happened before I graduated but still it was on this year. Little gifts from Cornetto ice cream, a beauty package from Viva Cosmetics, and now from Kakao Talk. They (the presents) really make me happy and special!

I do need an alternative job. :v

Hello, are you my family?