Sunday, January 4, 2015

Blue Flame

Okay, this is my last night's quick sketch. I did it with a very regular pen, Standard AE7, which is not suitable for drawing at all. As usual, I do anything related to doodling and artwork on the pieces of used paper, or some clean notebook-remain papers.

I can't really say this is a serious artwork like I used to create, and I didn't have something clear to draw at first. Perhaps I will just call it a doodle. Since I did it on a paper with lines on it, I thought I should do some massive cleaning, but then I decided to adjust the Level to lighten up the lines and keep it safe so my doodle would not messed up.

"Cleaning" was done in short time and I proceeded to coloring. This greyish color was put on as the base color (an accidental technique, honestly). Perhaps you can see how I liked those sketch lines that I can't cover them with bold colors yet...

But I wanted to color it (phew, such indecisive). And that flame background had been in my mind since I wanted to color. Actually I want to make her hair black as it was a bit inspired by the girl in movie "Tron" (I never really watched it, I just saw the ending scene on TV) but I really like those lines!!! That's why I keep it close to the base color. Furthermore, her eyes and wide smile was inspired from Rapunzel's from Tangled. Like I said, I didn't have something in mind to draw. This is one of those spontaneous art.