Sunday, April 5, 2015


On the last February when I visited a cafe where my friend works at, I got an acquaintance. On the first minutes we talked she mentioned that I reminded her of her senior (which meant her senior schooled in the same year with me). I rarely got noticed like that, but I took it lightly and not overreacted. Then after we talked for one or two hours and laughed some times, she got back on that topic again because she said the way I laughed was same with the girl. On the laptop she brought she accessed Facebook and showed her senior's account. To be honest I can't see me in her, but my friend who was working there said so. Then I showed her picture to my other friends on a chance. They agreed that this girl had similarities with me on our face features. Our biggest difference are our size for I am bigger than her.

Another difference on me and this girl is our style in pictures. I tend to take pictures of me in mysterious way, e.g only a crown on top of my head; half of my face; or gothic makeup, while this girl tends to take pictures in bright light and sweetness. That's why I drew these characters in dark and bright dresses, black and pink lips, sharp and cute shoes. I really enjoyed my time creating them, my favorite part is when I put dots as their dresses' glitter. Bird feather inspired me to make their collars and gloves even though I didn't mean to make them feathery. And the rest is lace, lace, lace.

There are a lot of this kind of case in our lives where some people resemble others. A photographer even made a book of it (now I know how the models of the book felt when they met each other). It's a funny fact, such trivial moment to have. I think it will give a slightly different feeling with when we saw a portrait of our doppelgangers from the past. When I was in kindergarten I had a friend who was similar to me, with same short hair and same crybaby habit. At that time I didn't think that much of our similarities. Ah, now I'm wondering how she is doing.

Have you find your "twin"?