Sunday, January 10, 2016


I'm afraid that I have taken her for granted. She is the one who opened my eyes to not being picky on careers, who brought me new experiences, who sprinkled on me some fairy dust that changed me to a better and luckier person. She is Mbak Arum, an unexpected stranger who hides surprises behind her back.

We met for the first time around 2009, when I just entered university. She lived next door with her aunt and cousin, but then she moved to a dorm far from our neighborhood. I lost her contact and we stopped seeing each other for years, until she uploaded pictures of cappuccinos on her Facebook. That moment was like a start button that was pushed again. Our wheel of destiny started rolling again.

Mbak Arum is a fairy godmother. Lately I can't sleep well because of her, hahahah. I can't help but think that I will be so frail without her. I had told her my deep thoughts of her but I think it's not enough. Like I said earlier, I'm afraid that I have taken her for granted. Nevertheless, I will always support her through anything I can do. Mbak Arum, I might had said it the last time we met, thank you, thank you very much.