Friday, January 22, 2016

Spring (Colored)

I heard that spring comes after winter, brings flowers and leaves along with winter's leftover breeze. She wakes bears and squirrels gently as she spreads a faint scent of buds. Slowly she warms up the world.

I have never experienced spring since I live in a two-seasoned country. We always have dry and wet season so I never fully understand what spring is. Nevertheless, I like the idea of spring, especially at how it becomes inspiration in fashion. Spring fashion trends usually are colorful, right?

This doodle is the same thing from my previous, previous post. At that time I had no idea of which colors I should use, but the word 'spring' itself helped me to choose. The early spring, based on books and movies I consumed, gives me a sense of pale colors, like pink-rose buds that aren't big enough to be seen, or like the colors of grass between melting snow. Oh, how I miss spring before I know her.