Sunday, May 28, 2017


Hi! Bet it's been a long time since I edited my last artwork and upload it here. This time I have done an artwork, or a single cover for my university club classmate Urip Widodo a.k.a Wiwid. Humaku, as you read, is the title of his single collaborated with his friend. You can listen to it here. I want to have a long and lost trip to an unknown rice field after listening to it.

I got the concept when I was at my favorite cafe. I never trusted coffee's magic, though, but I sketched down the concept while sipping my favorite cafe mocha. Maybe it's cafe-mocha's magic?

The coloring was quite easy. Because the song is simple and 'clean', I want the cover be like it too. My favorite part is the sky. Wait, it's not beacuse I don't have anything in it; it's because the cloudless sky is the first thing I got in mind when concepting this piece.

I hope you enjoy Humaku!