Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Kau jadi jatuh cinta, cinta padaku itu hal wajar!

The title is quoted from JKT48's song Flying Get. Yes, I am a fanatic of them. Since 2013 to be more precise. However, my knowledge about them or 48 Family is veeeeery low that I paused following their development for a few years because of feeling disable to be a 'proper' fan.

I started liking JKT48 when they launched River and started doubting myself around Pareo adalah Emerald or Angin Sedang Berhembus. Wait.... even in Angin Sedang Berhembus era I did not know anything.

It was hard to decide who was my favorite member or oshimen. At first it was a girl with boyish cut, but it was a weak liking. I tried to see the 'faces of JKT48' but there was no special feeling to them except mere respect. Until I found a very tender note on Google Plus written by a member named Beby around 2015. I think it was around Pareo adalah Emerald and I was going to pause. In my pausing time, I still liked to read her notes.

On late 2016, I found my old friend Google Plus and found out that she liked JKT48. It made me restarting to like them again. On April 2017 I went to their concert in my city and met Beby and took a picture together! (It's called 2-Shot and you have to pay a 2-Shot ticket for every picture taken).

This time I tried to make a painting of her based on her self picture on an event in Jakarta. I never did a realist art before (except in my course years ago), so it was very challenging. But I'm not sad with the result, and I know I have to learn more.