Tuesday, May 15, 2018


This artwork was loosely inspired by my experience visiting a wedding exhibition with my friend, Sita. We initially went to a mall to spend some coupon at a newly-opened burger franchise. None of us knew the mall held a grand exhibition of wedding facilities. We decided to go to the burger restaurant first.

At the wedding exhibition, we saw around twenty company booths included hotels, designer ateliers, photography studios, and honeymoon traveling bureaus. Almost every booth displayed wedding gowns and nice furniture.

At one booth which we did not know which company had, there was a beautiful dress that was not as glamorous as others, yet it attracted me and Sita. It had long transparent loose sleeves and the upper and skirt parts were basically formed by layered tulle clothes. Its outer color was pink, but we could see the materials were pink and pale blue, so it gave a soft purple nuance. There were fake flowers at any sizes attached to the dress, mostly around the diagonal part of the front side.

I and Sita were overwhelmed by the dress since it was almost effortlessly beautiful. It might not suitable worn by a bride, but it's still gorgeous to wear to special occasions. Sadly we did not know who was the designer or what atelier it was in. I even tried to search it on social medias only to find out that the place for the dress was belonged to "display area" without any company name.