Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Laptop Day Off

Hello. I'm typing this after my laptop had done getting repaired.

My dear laptop is not one that has very good condition. I have been using this from late 2010 and it had never been repaired nor regularly cleaned (I'm talking about the body) up until two days ago (May 24 2015, Sunday). After all these years the laptop got easily heated up and loud and sometimes it shut down itself in the middle of the loud noise. And on last week it went louder (from wheeeeng to whrrrrrrrr) and restarting it wasn't a help; I should shut it down and turn on the power button. But it didn't always work too. Oh, and from more than a month ago, the browser couldn't work well too. It only could open a few websites while the other laptops in this house could do it regularly. Then I decided to bring it to a repairman.

Shortly, my laptop got cleaned and re-installed. They said it was a big mess; the dust inside its body. The dust is really thick that it made the fan worked hard. It's true, I can feel the difference of the performance before and after. And they re-installed my laptop so that I can work with my browser again. Yay! They helped me to backup the files I saved but I forgot to save the Photoshop hahahah. Guess I should find it first to make more artworks.

Anyway, I should celebrate this baby's comeback!