Saturday, September 17, 2016

Allium: Cepa

Hello! After a long August plus two weeks of early September, finally I got to get my laptop and scanner to edit and finish some pieces. Let me start my comeback with series Allium. This series contains two artworks, they are Cepa and Sativum. You might be have known where the inspiration comes from. Yup, red onion and garlic.

Here in Indonesia, there is a famous folktale involving red onion and garlic. It's about a protagonist girl named Bawang Putih (garlic) and her evil stepsister Bawang Merah (red onion). Generally, the story is similar with Cinderella, where the protagonist is tortured and is helped by magical power forms. Maybe there are many cases like them in real life back in the past? I hope not.

In Allium: Cepa I use striking red that is far from the common red onion's color. The kind of red that is always great to play our emotion. The kind of red that is suitable for a tough-looking girl, yet also keeps her insecurities. Tough-looking girl is my favorite, unless she's evil. :/